• Welcome to Trillium Health

    Welcome to Trillium Health

    Care Has Many Faces. And One Home.

    Formerly known as AIDS Care, Trillium Health has expanded its offerings to serve HIV negative patients, including women and the LGBT community. Trillium Health has a 30-year history of providing integrated, personalized primary and specialty medical care to people from diverse communities. Patients and clients can come to one location ... Learn more »
  • AIDS Care: Leaders in LGBT Health

    AIDS Care: Leaders in LGBT Health

    2012 Healthcare Equality Index (HEI) Designates the agency as a leader in LGBT Health.

    According to the HEI the designation indicates that the agency "protect[s] their LGBT patients and employees from discrimination, ensure[s] equal visitation access for same-sex couples and same-sex parents through explicitly inclusive policies and provide staff training on LGBT patient-centered care." Learn more »


    Syphilis, HIV & other STD testing for Gay/Bi Men

    AIDS Care & have "got you covered" when it comes to STDs!! Gay & Bisexual men in the Rochester area can access free testing, health information & safer sex supplies. Click below to learn more! Learn more »

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Hello, we thought it important to state up front that there are things our team of Prevention Specialists cannot do, such as:

  • Diagnose any health issues or conditions
  • Provide you with patient information or test results
  • Respond to an emergency; please dial 911 in emergency situations
  • Answer your questions immediately, responses may take from 72 hours to one week.

Privacy and Confidentiality Considerations:

  • We will respond to you directly using the email address you provide
  • Our staff will NEVER share your email address
  • We will deal with topics and questions posted on our site, and exclude the source and identifying information
  • Please explicitly state if you don’t want your question/topic shared on the site