• Blog post: Survey Of LGBT Americans

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    Survey Of LGBT Americans

    A new survey of LGBT americans provides some interesting information and feedback.

    The Pew Study surveyed over 1000 lgbt individuals on topics such as social acceptance, coming out, perceptions of discrimination, and a number of other socially based and current topics. 

    From reading the survey it does not seem all ...

  • Blog post: Shingles

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    Are you someone with a family history of Shingles or someone who is living with HIV? 

    If so you may be more prone to experiencing bouts of Shingles.  A virus that is often called adult chickenpox even though it is not the parent virus Shingles can be debilitating for those ...

  • Blog post: Who's Your Daddy?

    Jun 21, 2013 / Posted by Christopher1 comment

    Who's Your Daddy?

    What is a daddy? In the world of gay men we often hear the term tossed around.  For some it is a father figure.  For others it is someone who buys pretty things.  Some gay men are daddies merely based upon age, appearance, or sexual fetish interests between consenting adults ...

  • Blog post: Gay Weddings in the 1930s

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    Gay Weddings in the 1930s

    As the gay marriage debate rages on across the country we all know that despite notions to the contrary same sex relationships have existed as long as human beings have walked the earth. 

    Whether it be a relationship of companionship or one with more romantic needs numerous examples have been ...

  • Blog post: Lubed

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    I was doing a little internet surfing this morning at home as I usually do before work.  a page came up with 13+ things to do with WD-40.  There was every possible idea for how to use the slippery stuff from gum removal to a temporary fix for arthritis pain ...

  • Blog post: Global Study On Homosexuality

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    Global Study On Homosexuality

    There is still much dissent worldwide on the acceptance of Homosexuality.

    Globally much like our own nation countries are divided as to whether or not homosexual relationships are even allowed, prohibited by law, and in some nations a capital offense. 

    A Pew Research Study surveyed over 37,000 people in ...

  • Blog post: National HIV Testing Day

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    National HIV Testing Day

    National HIV Testing Day is around the corner.

    Designated to occur each June on the 27th many organizations locally including AIDS CARE have events planned throughout the month. 

    This year AIDS CARE will celebrate testing day on June 28th from 11am-2pm with HIV testing as well as other health screenings ...

  • Blog post: Repeal HIV Discrimination Act OF 2013

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    Repeal HIV Discrimination Act OF 2013

    For decades since the beginning of the HIV epidemic state and federal laws regarding the treatment of those infected with HIV have clashed. 

    In some states non-disclosure to sexual partners can be treated as a felony.  In other more logical places the laws are simplified and not meant to stigmatize ...

  • Blog post: Addiction

    May 29, 2013 / Posted by Christopher48 comments


    Addiction is taboo and in most families not spoken of openly. Like mental illness addiction is stagmatized to the point where we have pushed our friends, family, and neighbors into a place where they often suffer from addiction alone until something breaks and the addiction comes out into the open ...

  • Blog post: HIV Positive and Undetectable

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    HIV Positive and Undetectable

    We often hear the terms Undetectable and HIV Negative. What do they really mean though? As we approach a month long series of events for National HIV testing Day talking more about what undetectable is and how it relates to being infected with HIV is important.  This blog really puts ...