Serving WIth Pride

Wondering why banks, schools, and government offices are closed today?

Today is Veterans Day.

Declared a day of remembrance in 1919 and later a national holiday in 1938,  Veterans Day honors those who have served, protected, and given us all the rights to freedom that I appreciate each day.

We also have to remember today that all of those LGBT veterans who have fought and are fighting for our rights don’t have the most basic rights in the military. 

They cannot openly and honestly serve as LGBT men and women because of archaic policy that is still upheld today.

One veteran who was interviewed by AOL is still awaiting the repeal of Don’t ask Don’t tell.

Serving during the Korean War, Garrison Phillips still waits for the day when LGBT men and women are able to openly serve their country.

He also makes a valid argument by saying that the courts must decide this issue.  Executive orders just won’t stand the test of time as they are easily overturned.

Hopefully in Garrison’s lifetime and in mine we will all see the day when this entire conversation is history. You can find the full text of his interview here.

P.S- Thanks to all my LGBT friends and family for your service.  One day I will be able to thank you by name.