Start Your Spring Off Right By Tasting the Rainbow

For me, spring marks a transition into being more active and wanting more fruits and vegetables in my diet to prepare my body for that activity. According to the USDA half of your plate at each meal should have fruits and vegetables on it. Below you'll find tips for getting a few more nutritious and delicious servings into each day.

Tips for Getting More Fruits and Veggies in Your Life

1) Buy a share in a CSA (community shared agriculture) group like the Good Food Collective or visit your local farmers market. Weekly shares for CSAs often have fruits or veggies you have never seen before and farmers markets may also offer something new to try. These new options may reinvigorate your interest in produce. The Good Food Collective and other CSAs also have a variety of recipes on their website offering suggestions for ways to enjoy these new treasures.


2) Make smoothies or get out your juicer. You can get several servings of fruits and veggies at once by putting them into a smoothie. For those of you who are veggie-phobic, combining veggies with fruits can hide the taste or make them sweeter. Also, sweeter veggies like carrots or beets can add sugar to a drink.


3) Make your plate work for you. The new USDA nutritional guidelines recommend that one fourth of your plate is full of veggies and another fourth should be full of fruits. If you train yourself to fill half

USDA MyPlate

of your plate with produce at each meal getting fruits and veggies at every meal will become easier.

4) Put your eyes on the prize. A friend recently suggested organizing your fridge that the healthies and most colorful options in your fridge and counter should be eye level so they are the first thing you see. This will hopefully make you more likely to choose them first.


5) Be prepared. Spend an hour or two over the weekend or early in the week chopping and preparing veggies so when you want them for a stir fry, pasta or a quick snack you are not detered from eating them because of added prep time.