DADT Ends Today!

The end of DADT (Don't Ask, Don't Tell) is a historic day for both lesbian, gay and bisexual individuals serving in the military, and the rest of the community. Not only will it increase access to services and rights for LGB service members and their significant others, but it also is another step toward acknowledging the equal abilities of LGB individuals and the fact that they deserve the same rights and responsibilities as heterosexual service members.

Since the web is full of exceptional coverage of the repeal I have chosen to highlight some of the more interesting articles below:

Photos from OUTserve

Editorial on Where to Go After DADT Repeal

GQ Article with Interviews of Impact of DADT on Soldiers

While this is a momentous occasion, it is important to recongize that despite the repeal of DADT there are still LGBT individuals who will not receive full rights and/or recognition within the military.

Guest blogger Ron Bastien wrote a great example of how despite the repeal of DADT without federal marriage equality there are still certain benefits that LGB service members and their spouses cannot access.

Additionally, like many pieces of legislation that protect LGB individuals, transgender individuals are not protected under DADT. There is a great article that gives legal advice and resources to trans people still serving in the military.

How do you feel about the repeal of DADT?